Monday, April 21, 2008

The Women's Expo took place last Monday at the Sheraton Hotel in Suffolk County. It was fun meeting business owners, and chatting about my book, jewelry and psychic phenomenon. I even gave a reading to the co-chair of the expo. It was one of those things where spirit has a message and I become the instrument. The woman was very happy with the reading and my partner at the expo expressed her awe with the process. (She'd never seen me 'in action'.)

I signed a few books and made some new friends. Seems the muses are guiding me to going back to readings of the psychic kind. Art (painting and writing) and the occult are my passions, and I'm busy booking readings along with planning on attending the Eyes of Learning Spring Fair in Levittown, NY. It should be fun.
With the Internet--readings can be done via email--which is nice. The phone is another way and of course the face to face reading.
Angelica awaits me in the wings to continue her journey.