Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's time for the Holiday Charity(Save a Pet Foundation) event with Blackmore's Night. It took place early this month at a lovely restaurant on Long Island. It seems they have one in the US one year, and one (I imagine) in Europe the following year. So--boo-hoo--it'll be two years 'til the next one.

The restaurant was cozy, and decorated for the holidays. The food was delicious. I had a nice time, but something was off. I can't put my finger on it. I'm assuming--which I know I shouldn't--that perhaps the fact that they'd been planning a wedding(which took place in early Oct) and then went on their honeymoon, could cause a bit of exhaustion. Plus they've been promoting their Secret Voyalge CD.

I only have the dinner in '06 to compare it to, so, who knows. They just seemed more distant this year, in '06 they mingled with the crowd, we were able to take photos with them and talk to them, but not this time. I did miss congratulating Candice on their marriage, but managed to briefly express good wishes to Ritchie. He was very gracious, feigning, "Oh yes, I remember you, you're with--uhm..." he was very charming. As you can see in the photo, which my husband was able to take, Candice looks radiant. As always.

They played from about 9:00pm until 2 am. Taking a little break in the middle. No complaints there--the music was fantastic, as always. Their Winter Carol's CD is perfect for this time of year.

I do hope they tour a bit on the east coast this year. I know they're plannning on hitting the road on the west coast. Check their web site. www.Blackmore'

I posted more pics on my www.myspace/elladonna site.