Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm almost done with the edits for Blood Pool, due out in early February of
'09. As I reread the story of Raven and Bo, Lamai vampire and shape shifter, Raven's father still presents a strong character. Tobias Strigoi is one of those--hello, I'm here--characters. So, of course, I followed up with Blood Destiny, Tobias'story. That is a true love story.
The weather here in the northeast is cool, the leaves are changing to brilliant jewel tones of amber, smoky topaz and ruby. The big holiday is fast approaching, Samhain. We'll do our usual bon fire and ritual to remember those who've passed on. Then friends will gather and we'll welcome the trick or treaters while we enjoy good food and wonderful company.
For now, I'm back to my WIP, Last Chance.
Enjoy autumn's bounty!