Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The summer is coming, and what better way to show off a summer tan than with sparkling, shiny white metals with dollops of genuine gemstones! Nowadays it's tough to treat ourselves and our family to the extra's in life. Most families work two jobs, or more. Which is why I got involved with Park Lane. I'm a writer and, honestly, the paychecks leave a bit to be desired. BUT I am hopeful. I'm a new writer and it takes time to become established. In the meantime, since I love jewelry and need to make extra money, what better way than combine the two. So far I'm making more money doing this. But I love writing and have patience. My time will come. Every Witch Way But Dead has received great reviews!
In the blogs to come I will explain how you can start your own business with Park Lane. No experience is required, no inventory, set your own hours, get rewards, win trips. This past trip was to Rome, Italy. The next one is Atlantis in the Bahamas, and you can earn the trip! I know many women who have. It can be done! For more info you can contact me