Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This is from Amber's Fire. A paranormal YA. Amber is the teenage daughter (18) of Every Witch Way's Angelica Kane. In this snippet, Ian is the man trying to get through to Amber psychically. He is in the hospital. The 'person' in the dream is the demon from the previous teaser of Amber's Fire.

Ian thought he was dreaming again. He heard the brown-eyed beauty’s voice so clearly. He struggled to reach her, his mind tried to slough off the cobwebs that trapped him in the dark. The warmth of her hand in his caused his heart to flutter a bit faster. He wondered why it didn’t register on one of the many monitors in his room. The blips remained steady.
What was this room? Why was he in here?

Her fragrance was like spiced vanilla with a hint of citrus. Ian wanted so badly to wake from his slumber and explain to her what had happened. Over and over he dreamed of her, trying desperately to get her attention, somehow. He was drawn to her with no explanation other than he had to be with her. Plain and simple.
He was so tired; his battered body needed the healing sleep the medicines provided. Eventually he succumbed to slumber.

“It’s very noble of you to want to protect her, but she's mine.” The man who spoke to Ian was taller than he by at least four inches. That fact didn’t intimidate him.
“I don’t know who or what you are, but you’re not going to hurt her.”
“Why do you care?”
Ian knew he should have an answer, but he didn’t.
The man’s ebony eyes were flat as he stared at Ian. “Love? You don’t even know her.”
“Obviously there’s a reason otherwise why have I found her?”
“Don’t know. Don’t care.”
Ian lashed out. “Well, I care. And I sense the fear you evoke and you feed off it.”
“Very astute. Still, she was promised to me a long time ago. She's weakening. She wants me and soon I’ll have her, forever. One way or another. There is nothing you can do about it. She’s my little virgin.”
Ian tried to strike out at the powerful man, but he was rendered motionless. “I will protect her.”
“Like you have in the past?”
“What do you mean?” Ian asked.
“Ah, you don’t even know. I’ll let you two find out. Together.”


sue laybourn said...

You're naughty! You like to leave the reader hanging, don't you?!?!
Another great extract. Dark, intriguing and menacing.
I want to read more!

Anonymous said...

Very evocative and mysterious! I'm definitely intrigued.

Courtney Allison Moulton said...

So sensual and evocative! Definitely hooked here :-D

tasha said...

You are such a great writer and this scene is wonderful. You have such a gift and all those agents that give out those R's like candy, should be on their knees begging for you. You go girl!

C R Ward said...

This was like a fine piece of chocolate, dark and smooth.

And I want more!