Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Teaser from Devil's Angel. Scene when female MC meets the angels of the hierarchy. Nicholas is her protector.

When she stepped out of the shower stall, Nicholas was there. He stood lazily resting his hip against the countertop, watching her as she wrapped the towel around her slender body. He wanted to kiss those plump breasts before she tucked them away behind the cotton towel.
This sensation was odd for him; he wanted to make love to her. Before, the act of sex was more to unwind—a release—the feeling he was experiencing now was a…yearning. What a sap I am.

She smiled. His heart melted. “You’re back,” she said.
“Yeah. I had a meeting with my friend, Luc. We need to talk, Noelle.”

He noted her face lost all its color. Apparently, those words struck fear in everyone’s heart, angel and human alike. She nodded, grabbing a robe from the back of the door and swung it around her shoulders. She cinched it at the waist and headed back to the bedroom.

He kept walking. “In here, peanut.”

Lucifer stood as did Michael, Dex and Skyler, in the hotel room.
She stopped in her tracks as she stared at the enormous men in her room. All radiated an aura of power, yet kindness. Every one except the redhead.
Menace oozed from him; he looked like an ancient Celtic warrior. He stood, leaning against the arch between her bedroom and the living room area. Nicholas led her to what appeared to be a normal man. Normal except for the fact he wore a cowboy hat, silk shirt and leather pants.

“Noelle, this is Luc…Lucifer.”
The Devil extended his hand and removed his hat with the other. Noelle simply stared at him, her eyes unblinking. He retracted his hand. “I get that a lot. No biggie.” His irises shone like two obsidian orbs, intense.
Her hands trembled at her sides. “Y-you’re t-the L-Lucifer?” she sputtered. “You’re so…tan.”
He laughed good-naturedly. “What did you expect? Red skin and scales? I can do the whole horns and a pointed tail thing, but it’s clichĂ© and old. Am I right?”
“I-I suppose so. You’ve got a British accent, too?” She thought a moment. “Wait, I remember seeing you at the restaurant, right?”
“Yes. I was there,” Lucifer confirmed.
Nicholas jumped in. “He’s a good guy, love. Let’s make the intros first then I can try to explain.”
She nodded vigorously. “Yes, please do.”
“The mean-looking dude is Michael, the archangel.”
Michael grunted a greeting.
“The white-haired, freaky looking guy is Dex and that’s Skyler.”
“Freaky?” Dex balked.

Noelle took a step back, as if she wanted to put as much distance between herself and…them.
“Freaky, in a good way, bro,” Skyler added, patting his buddy reassuringly on the back.
“Easy for you to say, both your eyes are the same color,” Dex complained.
Nicholas took Noelle by the arm and led her shaking body over to a wing chair. “Relax. They don’t bite…Well, Michael, maybe Luc.” He watched the rest of the color drain from her face. “Kidding. I’m kidding.”

Not exactly. Nicholas knew as good as these angels were the majority were bad boys with wings. Their main priority was protecting humanity.
He gently nudged her down on the cushion. “It’s all right, eh?”
“My sincerest apologies. It’s obvious we’ve frightened you,” Lucifer said with a warm, comforting smile.
Noelle simply nodded.

“I’m sorry to say you’re in for a crash course on the behind the scenes running of the universe,” Michael said.
“Oh, is that all?” she said in a small voice.
Nicholas monitored her reactions. She’d stopped shaking, but she clutched at her robe with white knuckled tension.
“The Hierarchy of the Angelic Realms, or as we’re lovingly referred to, the Brotherhood of Light, is run by, as far as we’ve been told, the Almighty. A female Deity. Her counterpart is the demon Arcane, her brother.”

She held up her hand in a sweeping motion. “You’re telling me the one in charge of you…all… is a female Deity and she has a brother who’s a demon?”
“Exactly,” Michael said.
“You met him at the cafĂ© last night,” Nicholas explained. “The one who offered you a job.” His voice was flat.
“I thought when you said the Almighty, you meant…ya know. God,” she said to Nicholas.
He patted her back and began rubbing it in a circular motion. “Just listen,” he whispered.

“There’s a lot of chatter going on, but I won’t bore you with it right now,” Michael interjected.
“An angel with a demon brother,” she muttered.
Nicholas stepped up in front of Noelle. “She’s not taking the job. Tell her Mikey. It’s a ploy.”
“Noelle, you’re not taking the job,” Michael answered matter-of-fact.
“She’s not taking the job,” Nicholas repeated.
“I heard you the first time,” Noelle said in a huff.
“Nicholas. Let Noelle hear the rest.” Calm Lucifer spoke, soothing everyones frazzled nerves.


Karen Duvall said...

What an interesting cast of characters! :) Very nice.

sue laybourn said...

I'm so intrigued by the bits I've read from this story. I love your take on Lucifer.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like meeting your destiny while wearing a bathrobe. ;o)

Courtney Allison Moulton said...

Nice! Love your twist on the characters. Lucifer sounds like someone I want to go shoot some pool with :-)

C R Ward said...

Now that's what I call a teaser! That was great!

Sarah said...

I love the interaction! The dialogue is marvelous. What a gem - and a teasing teaser. I want more!

And if I can say so, I think all this really needs is a close line-edit for comma placement. I would be DELIGHTED. Seriously. This is gorgeous work. xx

JKB said...

I agree! Very interesting cast! And slightly naughty...I'm ready to see more!

houndrat said...

Very interesting scene. Love the inital introduction to Lucifer--unexpectedly funny!

JenWriter said...

Great stuff. Love the cast of characters here.

Gretchen said...

Once we got into the meeting with the angels this really started to work for me, but the opening felt a little disjointed, like it didn't below with what happens right after. But the take on Lucifer and fantastic. Really caught my interest.

JM Donahue said...

Loved this bit of humor -

"Apparently, those words struck fear in everyone’s heart, angel and human alike." So true! I like the way you weave in that lightness with the ominous feeling here. Very compelling characters here, I always love a good tale where I get to know some immortals :)

Anonymous said...

Some of the lines in here made me laugh out loud. Like when her first reaction about Lucifer is that he's so tan. Loved it!

I had some trouble figuring out the POV at the beginning and wondering why Noelle would walk out naked and not react for so long to the guy standing there. It's probably just because I'm reading this out of context though.

Ella said...

Yes, he's seen her naked--well with just a thong on. That happens earlier.

Thanks for comments, everyone.