Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Yule trees have been put up all around the house and now I'm preparing for next week's book signing. It's at BlueMoon Enchantments in Patchogue, NY. December 15th is the date.

The shopping season is in full swing and as usual I have many to still shop for, but I had to get my novella finished before the holidays.

Any special plans?



Elrena said...

Awww, sorry you missed the blog blitz sign-up! I came over to read your blog anyway. :)

Congratulations on the book signing! I hope you have a wonderful time, meet fantastic readers, and sell mountains of books.

~Elrena (mamawriter)

wordsmith said...

Special plans...hmmm. Survive the holidays and the in-laws, does that count? Seriously though, write, write, write and of course, soak in the delight of watching my almost two-year-old revel in it all and fall in love with my husband yet again (as I continuously do) as he gets excited about silly things like setting up his old train set with our little guy and showing him how to hang the less fragile ornaments. (Oh, and I too still have some shopping to do. Point, click, send, done.) Glad you're part of the blitz! :)
(wordsmith @ AW)

Thursday said...

I'm almost done with all of my holiday plans, actually - I'm Jewish and Hanukkah ends in two days. The only thing left for me is to ring in the New Year, and I always fall asleep long before midnight.

Mary B said...

My christmas plans include survival. That's pretty much it. If I can navigate the holidays without any major snafus then I'll be happy.

Nita said...

You missed the blog blitz sign-up? Hmmm, your blog was listed at the end of the list for the blog comment blitz, it's why I'm here. I thought it'd be fun to read and try to comment on the blogs of everyone who signed up.

Pretty interesting blog, I'll be stopping by again. I'm with Mary b - getting through Christmas is my goal.