Wednesday, December 26, 2007

*Heavy Sigh*

The whirlwind that is the holidays, for the most part, is over.
The traditional Italian fish feast Christmas eve is slacking, due to my mom's age, and my reluctance to learn how to make 'fish salad', baccala, and stuffed squid. I want to introduce new dishes, such as, fried striped bass, scallops, and perhaps shrimp parmesan.
Next year.
I didn't get to watch much of 24 hrs of A Christmas Story this year. Only 30 minutes. It's a Wonderful Life still remains MIA.
My nieces and family all arrived at my home in the evening and we drank and ate while carolers sang outside. It was a lovely night. The next day my sons came over, and my mom, and we dined on honeyed ham, sweet potatoes with apricots & apples, carrots and a big salad.

Now the cleanup begins...yuk!
Duty calls...and laundry.
Happy New Year!


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