Sunday, October 07, 2007

Renaissance Fair!

Friday we went to my favorite minstrels first US city tour of this year. Blackmore's Night played in CT and what a fabulous show it was. With all the craziness of the summer slowly fading it was wonderful to go and relax and enjoy a night out. It was sorely needed and flew by much too fast.

Now I'm back at the computer determined to finish In the Name of Love--or--Blood Pool. Can't quite decide what title I like best. I may go with the former. It's a vamp story with a twist and I'm tickled with the way it's telling itself.

Yes, that's characters along with Miss Muse tell the story and I just write it down. As with Every Witch Way But Dead, the characters came to life and the plot went in a totally different direction than what I had planned for them.

Next weekend I'll be in Levittown, NY at an Eyes of Learning Fall Fair signing Every With Way But Dead. If you live on Long Island--come on by!



wordsmith said...

You should come to the Renaiassance Fair in Michigan in '08 in September. (Acutally, I think it runs late August through early October.) It is mad fun.

Thursday said...

There are so many amazing musical groups that you can only find at the faires — one of my favorites does only the midwest circuit and I have to rely on CDs. Ever heard of the "Bedlam Bards"? Their music can always get me out of a cranky mood.