Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Monday wasn’t such a great day. This summer has been extremely busy. Days have been spent unpacking boxes, painting walls and endless trips to Home Depot. There hasn’t been much time for writing.
Later in the day Monday, I went home to pick up my youngest son to help unpack yet more boxes. Stabbing them with scissors to cut the miles of packing tape I got out my frustrations, daily. I was sick of seeing the tan hide of cardboard.
That is until I stepped on my porch and saw a slender box with the Samhain return address. Jumping for joy, I screamed for my son to come outside. I could hardly contain the ecstatic emotions coursing through me. I tenderly guided the scissor across the top and opened the treasure chest. There it was—my book. Every Witch Way But Dead.
I know other writers can appreciate this next sentiment. It’s funny—not ha-ha funny—because I worked really hard on this book, read and re-read, wrote and rewrote and re-read some more. To the point that I thought I couldn’t do it anymore—BUT, last night I sat in bed with my little reading light and opened it up and relished each page as if I’d never lay eyes on it before.With book two finished, I look forward to more adventures with Angelica Kane and friends. Fall Festivals are popping up all over and I’ll be attending as many as I can doing book signings. It’s a dream come true! The book is out--it's at Amazon.com--today!


wordsmith said...

Isn't that one of the greatest feelings? You get a package from your publisher...you know what it is, but still, your heart is pounding, hands almost too sweaty to open the box, and when you do...there it is: all shiny with that delicious new book smell...your book!

A belated congrats! :)

Laurie (quidscribis) said...

I haven't been through that yet - I'm still working towards that day - but I can imagine it. :D It's got to be one of the greatest feelings around. :)

Congratulations! (Yes, belated, but...)