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Hi, Jenn; great to hear from you, and welcome back! Do let me know what you think of 鈥淕ulag鈥? won鈥檛 you? I haven鈥檛 read it, and although I鈥檓 pretty much the anti-fan where Applebaum鈥檚 concerned ( I actually caught myself shouting, 鈥淪hut it, you whore!!鈥?at the screen over some of her reporting on the crash at Smolensk), I鈥檝e been meaning to read it.
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This is the first Christmas since my wife died, my first in 25 years without her. I have a Secret Santa who is leaving me some kind of treat every night on my doorstep. I know who it is鈥搊ne of my wife鈥檚 best friends and her twin 6-year-old boys. The mom knows that I know, but the boys do not. I am playing along, since I know how much the boys adored my wife, and how much fun they are having ringing the doorbell and then running away as fast as they can.
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