Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A wonderful review for Blood Pool:

Sunday, March 15, 2009

In an attempt to keep up blogging, I thought I'd post a bit of a teaser from Devils' Angel. Let me know what you think.

Claire watched as the heavily muscled angel sat, drinking his Tanqueray. His pale blue eyes seemed to be in a permanent squint, as if he already nursed a massive hangover. His hand completely covered his tumbler, making it impossible to see when he’d finished his drink. Judging from his earlier ones, he was downing them within five minutes, tops.

Claire hadn’t realized how tall he was until he rolled off the stool and stood. Most of the angels she met were etheric beauties. They were the inspiration for such artists as Michelangelo, DaVinci and many other renaissance artists.

This one had a hard quality about him that simply made him mean-looking. He had the same features as most others of his race, but the stubble on his face hid the smooth skin. A scar by his right eye marred the perfection prized by the angelic realm. He didn’t seem to care. Yeah, he dressed all right, in a Ralph Lauren way. He wore a clean, expensive shirt and equally pricey jeans, purposely made to look old. Or perhaps they really were.

He plunged a hand in his jeans pocket, pulling out some cash. The other hand dug through his dark blond hair, which fell just above his shoulders.

“Fuck it.” She heard him mutter, his voice thick with an Aussie accent.

She watched as he swayed, looking around. He turned and headed toward her. He threw down a few twenty-dollar bills.

“That should cover me, eh?”

His expression masked whatever thoughts consumed him at that particular moment. The frown on his face turned into a grimace. But Claire could sense his mind was racing at light speed.
She reached for the money and their fingers touched. For a moment, she thought he made the earth move.

Until she realized it was an explosion that rocked the back of the building.

B. Ella Donna

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Okay, so, the Twitter bug hit. I'm Elladonna over on Twitter. It's a lot of fun.
Celebrated my birthday at the end of February, waiting on spring to arrive. Not much going on, waiting to see what happens with the book Devil's Angel. I love it, of course. If you're a fan of J.R.Ward you'd like it.

In the meantime, I'm doing more ghost whispering. I've done a few psychic readings parties. It's a blast. To see the expression on peoples' faces when you tell them something from their relative or friend who's passed on that you couldn't possibly know--priceless. It's nice to be able to offer comfort.