Sunday, August 31, 2008

Why doesn't anyone ever tell you how much life sucks? Maybe they do, but we glass half full people refuse to believe it. Stupid. The glass is half empty.
Think positive, create your own reality--blah-blah-blah. Give me a freakin' instruction manual and I'll create my reality, until then I'm going on strike.
Quantum physics--more blah-blah-blah crap. I think the song Bittersweet Symphony by the Verve has become my new anthem.
Yeah, I'm having a really bad day. A bad decade. Sure astrologically I can tell you I've got more squares in my chart than a Rubics Cube, but as the kitty cat exclaims, 'WTF?!' I should've cashed in my chips and asked for a do over. 'You have a lot of challenges to overcome,' the astrologer says. 'Why not tell me the truth. 'Your life is going to be one obstacle course after another with intermintent bouts of grueling BS in between. NO KIDDING. Ya think?
I have figured out what most people probably know already, but disease comes about(most times) because we get to a point in life where we say, 'Uncle!' Thus giving the body permission to create havoc among the cells and tissues of our so called vehicles. BTW- I'd like a Ferrari next time, not a Ford.
'Oh, you're an artist so obviously you feel things more intensely than others.' Newsflash! If it got anymore intense I'd implode. Perhaps if I become an academic I'd feel less? I'm in! Call Harvard, I'm on my way. Yes, I set my goals way high. Probably part of the problem. I should aim lower and not become disappointed. How low can you go?
I know people out there have it a lot worse than I do, but frankly Scarlet...
That doesn't help me one bit when my life is falling apart around my feet for the third time. (I lost count , really.) My final hope is that karma prevails and every single man I know reincarnates, at least 100 lifetimes, as a female. Even that probably isn't enough to even the score, but it's a start.