Tuesday, March 11, 2008

An angel altar creates a special place in your home where you can instantly be in tune with the angels. It can be anywhere you wish, but the best results come if it is placed in a room what is used every day. It makes no difference how large or small it is. It can be a small table, a self, or part of a dressing table.

Once you have decided on the right position, and your angel will provide advice on this if you ask, you must determine to use this spot only as an altar. You must never use it simply as a place to put items. It must be treated with respect.

Experiment with different items or objects to see which creates the most energy such as crystals, pictures, fresh flowers can all be put on your altar.

Your altar can be anywhere at all. You may wish it to be outdoors, if you have a special place where you won't be disturbed. If you set up your altar inside your home, you will quickly notice a change in the energy in the room. You will feel a sense of calmness and peace whenever you go near. You will also find that you can speak freely and easily to the angels when you are close to your altar. You will be able to talk to the angels any time you wish.

Your altar can also be used for healing. You will find that after you have had your altar for a while and have used it regularly, that both the quality and quanity of sacred energy will increase. You can mentally send this spiritual, healing energy wherever you wish. Whenever you hear of someone who could benefit from this energy, you can mentally send some to them. Your altar can also be used for self-development, for healing and for spreading love, compassion and understanding. It can also be used for forgiveness.

By setting up an angel altar and using it regularly, your relationship with the angels, and the entire angelic kingdom, will become closer than ever before. If you use your angel altar, your relationship with the angels will be thousands of times better. Your angel altar can transform your life!