Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Self Esteem
Self esteem is really the core of our behaviors and well being. When we feel good about ourselves, our outlook on life reflects that. Issues in life don't affect us dramatically. We give to others and add to our own abundance of joy. What is even better is that our attitudes become contagious. Others can feed off of a kind word or friendly smile. It's truly amazing how many people you can affect with a positive form of self worth.
The opposite is also true. A negative self esteem attributes to us looking outward for something to fill the gap. This sometimes leads to unhealthy relationships with others. A person lacking self control may seek a controlling relationship. A person with low self esteem may seek someone that attributes to their negative perspective of themselves. This occurs mainly because the person did not have self esteem in the first place to find a "loving" relationship. This behavior spreads to family members, to children, to everyone this person may encounter. It's a pattern worth looking at and recognizing as it impacts us all.
Whose responsibility is it to recognize our self worth as well as our self weakness? It is our responsibility. Other people may see our weakness' but it takes ourselves to see them to make the change necessary to grow. We owe it to ourselves to invest in our well-being, but we also owe it to others to make the most of their time as well as ours.