Sunday, January 06, 2008

You'd think that at this time of the year, after all the hub-bub is over that one could relax. NO WAY!
From November until now it's birthday time in my home, with the holidays nestled in between. My youngest son's birthday was yesterday, so now there is a reprieve until February.
My baby is 15!! Yikes, how time flies. He requested crab legs for dinner and a fudgey birthday cake. His dad bought him an I-phone--nice, I got him some gadget for his X-Box live.

I have to go make some money to pay for all of this--time to edit Blood Pool, the new vampire novel.
Raven Strigoi is the MC, who happens to be the medical examiner for the island of Mirabelle Cove, and she's a vampire. Technically she's half vampire, half human.

Soon, I'll post a little blurb about the rest of the saga.
Happy New Year!