Friday, July 27, 2007

Where does the time go? With days spent at Home Depot and painting walls, ripping up carpet, gardening and rescuing 20 year old sons who break down on the Expressway, who has time to write! Not I.
Abandoned by her brother who was supposed to help with all this construction on their mother's new home, our heroine loses what's left of her mind. That is until hunky Jake Striker, local handy man, arrives. His muscle shirt clings to him like socks in a dryer.
"You need me to check your pipes, m'aam?" Jake asks.
"Why yes, that's an excellent idea."
He leans over her, capturing her in a corner. His lips slightly spread in a mysterious smile. She feels the heat between them, I'll show you th-the way," she stutters nervously.
"I think I know my way around," he says seductively, wiping the paint from her cheek. Their lips so close...."

Back to Home Depot...grrr. To be continued...
At least I'm writing.