Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The 24th was the Big Day. Yes, with caps. Every Witch Way But Dead arrived on magickal wings of things that go bump in the night. Its synchronistic birth echoed whispers from those beyond the veil.
Let me explain. Two years ago this coming August I lost my sister to breast cancer.In an effort to soothe my mother's broken heart—and mine—we went to see a well-respected psychic. Not John Edward, but one just as talented. The psychic 'picked up' on my sister's energy as soon as we sat down. She told us things that she had no way of knowing, named my sister's daughters exactly, and told me to keep writing. I would be working with someone named Sam. I was just in the beginning of the editing phase at the time, and had only begun to think about submitting Every Witch Way But Dead. I hadn't a clue who Sam could possibly be. Fast forward to the present and here I am. Today is my sister's birthday and I now know who Sam(hain) is. I know it's pronounced Sow-en, but to me you'll always be Sam.For those of you out there that believe in the immortality of the soul I hope you'll read my book. I think you'll enjoy it. I know my sister thought it good enough; after all, she pushed me from beyond the veil to get it done.
Brightest Blessings!Ella


Kati said...

Hi Ella!!! Congratulations on finishing the book!!! That's fantastic, and what a tribute to your sister.

Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog!!


andrea peck said...

That is so amazing about your sister and the psychic. Happy Birthday to her. Congrats to you!